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Peace First Update

Throughout our history, Peace First has continuously evolved, adapting our mission and approach to meet the needs and aspirations of young people. Our commitment has always been to empower youth to lead change in their communities and beyond.

From our beginnings with the Peace Games era, where we focused on promoting nonviolence and conflict resolution in schools, to the Peace First Prize era, which celebrated and supported young people making impactful contributions to their communities, we have consistently transformed to meet the needs of the times. The world of social change is rapidly evolving, and young people demand innovative, nuanced approaches that truly resonate with their realities. So, we are spending this period to:
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Whether you are a young person looking for resources and support to address challenges in your community, or a donor seeking to support the next generation of changemakers, here is how you can take action today.
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Impact Trainings by Peace First

Impact Trainings are spaces for emerging young leaders to learn about local and global challenges, build their changemaking skills, and join a community where all young people are empowered to share experiences and tell stories of impact
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