Peace First developed this library of free resources to help you as you move forward with your changemaking journey.

Changemaking Manual

Peace First’s Changemaking Manual is a five-phase guide designed to help you create a changemaking project in your community. You can download the full Changemaking Manual below, or you can choose to download each phase separately:

Download Full Changemaking Manual

This is a guide to help you through creating your changemaking project.

Phase 1: Choose

Phase 1 helps you choose an issue or problem in your community that you want to solve.

Phase 2: Understand

Phase 2 helps you understand the problem you've chosen to solve more deeply.

Phase 3: Plan

Phase 3 will guide you to turn your insights into action, create SMART goals, identify resources, and create a budget for your project.

Phase 4: Act

Phase 4 will showcase how you can gather feedback and provides additional resources to help you as you implement your project.

Phase 5: Reflect

Phase 5 focuses on celebrating your project, sharing what you have learned, and imagining what could happen next.

The 3 Cs of Changemaking: Courage, Compassion, and Collaboration

Being a changemaker isn’t just about what you do — it’s also about who you are. Changemakers stand out because they speak up for their values and commit to bettering the world.

Peace First believes three values define changemaking: courage, compassion, and collaboration. These resources will help you explore these values and how to utilize them in your projects and everyday life. The “3 Cs” Tools are currently available in English and coming soon in Spanish and Arabic.


Use this toolkit to help you explore ways to lead with courage in your changemaking work.


Use this toolkit to help you explore ways to lead with compassion in your changemaking work.


Use this toolkit to help you explore ways to lead with collaboration in your changemaking work.