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What We Do

We believe that young people are the most powerful, untapped resource to create systemic change and write new narratives of what is possible. While many of the 1.6 billion young people around the globe have ideas on how to solve the world’s most entrenched problems, very few have access to the tools, skills, connections, and capital to turn their insights into reality.

Peace First elevates the voices and unleashes the power of young people worldwide to create meaningful change in their communities.

We provide training, mentorship, and thought leadership to help changemakers ideate, design, and launch projects that have an impact locally, regionally, and globally.

Our Impact:

Youths activated
Youth-led projects

Who Are Our Changemakers?

Our offerings are open to young people from anywhere in the world between the ages of 16 – 30. We trust young people as experts in understanding their community’s challenges and what’s needed to make impactful change. Our offerings provide young changemakers with the training, resources, and skills to turn their ideas into transformative action.

How We Work

Our offerings are designed to support young people at every stage of their changemaker journey.

Our offerings provide opportunities for young people to

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