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Our Work

What We Do

Peace First elevates the voices and unleashes the power of young people worldwide to create meaningful change in their communities.

We provide training, mentorship, and thought leadership to help changemakers ideate, design, and launch projects that have an impact locally, regionally, and globally.

Our Impact:

Youths activated
Youth-led projects

Our programs are open to young people from anywhere in the world between the ages of 16 – 30. We trust young people as experts on their community’s issues and believe in their power to create impactful solutions. Our free programs provide young changemakers with the training, resources, and skills to turn their ideas into transformative action.

Our work is built around 3 Core Values:

Compassion: We are motivated by deep empathy for others bridge differences and bring people together to find common purpose and understanding.
Courage: We take action to make something better even in the face of difficult choices or consequences. We maintain this deep level of commitment over time and persevere despite setbacks.
Collaborative Change: We engage others as key partners in making an impact. Social change is not about single moments or solitary acts, but rather mobilizing others to get involved and to work collaboratively to create change together.
Our Programs

How We Work

We blend digital resources with in-person programs to offer training, tools, and community to accelerate the changemaking ability of young people.