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Our People

Our work is only possible thanks to the hard work of our global team. Together, we are a diverse and dynamic group united by a common goal: creating positive change in the world.


Dr. Isaac Cudjoe

As CEO, I lead Peace First's global strategy and guide our team as they help accelerate and amplify the impact of young changemakers in six of the world's largest regions.

Our Team

Amy Burns

Senior Finance Manager
I support Peace First with grant processing, accounts payable, expenses, and budgeting to help implement efficiency and accuracy in the finance team. I support young people who are doing great things in the world through financial administration.

Aziz Tworo

Regional Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa
I work in partnership with a dedicated team and local partners to mobilize and support Peace First changemakers across Sub-Saharan Africa to build initiatives that improve the lives of people within their communities and beyond.

Beeta Ansari

Chief of Staff
I facilitate and integrate the execution of organization-wide projects in close partnership with Peace First’s Extended Leadership Team. I also oversee the management of Peace First’s Executive Office. empowering our leadership to focus on Peace First's vision and strategy.

Deanna Froeber

Advancement Director
I help bring new stakeholders to the Peace First network through storytelling, fundraising, and relationship-building so that young people have the support, mentoring, and resources they need to create meaningful change in their communities.

Gaelle Matar

Digital Marketing Manager
I lead content development and share stories of inspiration and impact across Peace First’s digital platforms, to ensure that young people’s changemaking work receives the recognition it truly deserves.

Hanna Stangebye

Advancement Coordinator
Young people are not only our future, but our present, and it is my joy to uplift young changemakers by supporting the storytelling and fundraising efforts of Peace First.

Jenny Love

Director of Organizational Change & Learning
I help strengthen Peace First by improving the experiences of our team, optimizing internal systems and processes, and nurturing a culture of learning built on best practice across our Programs and Operations.

Khanh Nguyen

Chief Operating Officer
I lead the strategic thinking around the systems, structures, and people needed to support Peace First's operations and growth. I oversee the organizations's integration and learning verticals to ensure strategic alignment and delivery consistency throughout offerings.

Sushmina Baidya

Regional Manager, Asia-Oceania
At Peace First, I work with young people to support our community of changemakers in initiating their projects and provide mentoring opportunities. I support Peace First in scaling the programs within our young community of Asia/Oceania.

Yousra Mshmsh

Regional Manager, Middle East & North Africa
I show up every day as Peace First MENA Regional Manager supporting the region to grow bigger and better through the hands of young changemakers under our Impact Rooms, MENA Impact Academy and the Ambassadors program.

Extended Team of Global Changemaking Experts

Peace First includes many invaluable extended team members, contractors, and co-collaborators who have contributed to our organization’s growth and development, working on various projects such as supporting local programmatic implementation, amplifying Peace First’s messaging, and partnering with in our advancement efforts. Their indispensable contributions have also significantly shaped where we stand today.

Olatomiwa Olusesi

Community Lead, Sub-Saharan Africa
I inspire and support young people in Sub-Saharan Africa to create change-making projects to address societal issues in their communities.

Paula Camino

Regional Lead, Latin America
I work with young people and partner organizations across Latin America to build, scale and improve community projects with a diversity, equity and inclusion focus.

Seun Olagunju-Lana

Consultant (Digital Transformation)
I support Peace First's technological transformation efforts to make sure we provide an accessible digital experience to all stakeholders we serve.

Eric Dawson

CEO Emeritus

Mohammad Sammour

Emeritus Global Director of Programs