The Morrocan Impact Room “Educathon” was held virtually in December 2022, focused on empowering future young leaders in the field of education to Innovate, influence, and create a better educational system that adheres to the rules, needs, technology, and skills of the 21 century. The hackathon aimed to bring young Moroccans together to work on projects related to SDG4, and quality education. A series of workshops took place during two weekends on 3 and 4 December and 10,11 December. Speeches were streamed live to an audience of about 200 virtual attendees from Morocco.

Our Goal

In this session, the focus was engaging our community on the SDGs and making them aware of their role in achieving these goals. Therefore the discussion was open to all young people with ideas, initiatives and projects across all sectors as long as they work to solve some of the challenges within their communities. Because our intention is to reach out to a diverse range of changemakers, we partnered with local organizations and initiatives within Zimbabwe so that we can increase access and reach of our offerings.

Educathon in numbers. We had:

200 total attendees, with 70 attendees on an average for each session.

10 guest speakers

15 project pitch winners.


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