The Egyptian Impact Room “Peaceful Narratives: Let’s Make Peace Content!”  was held on the 8th and 9th of March 2023 in the Alexandria Community Space.

A series of workshops were held over two days in Alexandria, Egypt with a total of 20 participants of different nationalities (Egypt, Sudan, Syria and Yemen) citizens, refugees and asylum seekers. 

Our Goal

Focused on providing opportunities for emerging content Creators who wish to express themselves and their experiences and share them, for learning and development, and encourage them to create more possibilities for research and human expression, Establishing a smooth dialogue between young people to discuss how the younger generation can achieve more understanding and mutual support in facing the various difficulties of life, And Enriching the discussion about the meaning of peace and how it can be one of our most important motivating goals. 

  • Our Concept is to discuss with young leaders to:
  • Search for the meaning of peace. 
  • Discuss the societal issues faced by young people and their point of view on the available solutions. 
  • Learn the basics of creating content (writing – filming – directing).
  • Create peace content!

Impact Room in numbers. We had:

20+ creators on site

4 guest speakers

5 videos produced


Let's hear it from the attendees

Impact Room Leaders

Meet the team who led the Impact Room in Egypt.