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Safety and Security Policy

APPENDIX B: Assessing Programmatic Response for external events experienced by our youth community 

We consider the following criterias to assess and design an appropriate response to address dangers faced by our community resulting from natural or man-made disasters such as terrorist attacks, civil war etc., 

  1. Whether the incident/event directly affects our community and/or industry.  
  2. Whether the incident/event is happening in a location where we have a presence and expertise.
  3.  Whether the issue is aligned with our mission and values. 
  4. Whether the issue is focused on one of the SDG topics we work on. 
  5. Whether the topic falls under any of the following themes: religion, politics (partisanship), ethnic conflict? Kindly note we do not respond to any incident/event falling under these categories. 
  6. Whether the response alleviates or exacerbates the risk. 
  7. Whether Peace First has the resources and capacity to respond at this time.

We strongly believe in providing tangible support to our community. Our responses are hence designed and executed programmatically. Some examples of ways in which our assessment informs our response to the dangers faced by our community are: 

  • Regional Managers in regional groups (Whatsapp/FB) share compassionate and positive notes of support to console, affirm and encourage community members based on verified and vetted information. 
  •  Regional Managers and Ambassadors (volunteers) may share verified third-party resources or information through regional groups. 
  • The Programs team decides on programmatic responses such as the Rapid Relief Campaign where a fast-track grant approval system is launched to provide urgent access to financial aid for young people located in affected regions.