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Our Work in Latin America

Since 2019, Peace First has supported young changemakers across Latin America. Through word-of-mouth organizing and the tireless efforts of young champions, our programs have rapidly expanded in the region, particularly in Brazil, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

Our funding and support have helped young people create innovative solutions to their communities problems. From edtech platforms to preserving local culture, and advocating for educational equity and reform, our young social change leaders drive positive change throughout the region.

Project of the Month

Projecto Ardo

Project Arbo was created in 2018 to provide access to free, fresh, organic fruits and vegetables to everyone in the community, especially those with limited means. The project enlisted the help of 20 ambassadors each charged with planting 60 trees per year. Three years later, the project has over 100 ambassadors and thousands of trees planted and hundreds of families fed.