Our Work in Asia

Our work in Asia began in 2018, when a group of young social change leaders in Nepal reached out to us for support with their efforts for democracy and educational equity. Since then, we’ve rapidly expanded our support to a growing community of young leaders across Asia and Oceania, with a significant presence in South Asia, particularly India and Nepal.

Through our support, young people have been able to create integration and mental health support programs for refugees, advocate for sustainability and more robust climate policies, and lead significant education reforms in collaboration with national governments. Our team in Asia is committed to reaching young people in rural regions. We have organized Peace First Lab tours and Impact Rooms to engage and support young people often overlooked by other social change programs.

Project of the Month

Paradigm Shift

Aniska started her changemaking journey as an undergraduate student interested in working in the field of healthcare and wellbeing. This led her to studying Development Studies at the National College at Kathmandu University, where she focused on the impact education institutions have on the mental health and development of students.

Project Spotlights