Our Work in Sub-Saharan Africa

Since early 2018, Peace First has been funding innovative projects led by young people in Nigeria, with the program rapidly expanding across the continent. Today, our community of young social entrepreneurs is thriving, with particularly large hubs in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Malawi.

Our training and direct grants have enabled these inspiring young leaders to launch impactful projects that address a wide range of community issues, from improving local infrastructure to implementing evidence-based sex education programs and creating out-of-school-time educational programs.

Our young African change leaders are connected, collaborating, and partnering on shared projects through the Impact Rooms and virtual and occasional in-person meetups. They benefit from the wisdom and resources of their peers in the Peace First community, creating a network of support that enables them to drive meaningful change in their communities and beyond.

Project of the Month

Plant a Tree

In her attempt to find out the root cause of deforestation in her country, Yande realized that the lack of adequate information to the general public about the effects of cutting down trees on climate change is the main reason behind deforestation. Armed with this knowledge, Yande embarked on her changemaking journey aiming to change the attitude of people towards cutting down trees without re-planting them.

Project Spotlights