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Impact Rooms

The Impact Rooms are spaces for young changemakers to connect, share stories and experiences and learn about ideas for social innovation from around the world. Impact Rooms:  


young people on global challenges and proven solutions using the power of storytelling, peer mentoring, and experiential learning opportunities.


local experts, utilize digital tools, and integrate best practices and gamification to provide a hands-on opportunity for participants to lead social change.


participants to share their changemaking story with peers and build lasting relationships that help showcase their work and gain inspiration.

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During the Impact Room, participants will:

  • BUILD strong relationships with one another and develop a mutual understanding that fosters a strong community amongst participants.  
  • CONNECT with young changemakers who have been leading social change from around the world and in the local community.
  • LEARN about social innovation, community change, and how to lead within your own communities.
  • IDENTIFY as an individual and as a community of changemakers.